Sphero Mini Activity Kit
The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything you need to get rolling and playing. Drive and game with the Sphero Play App or code and learn with the Sphero Edu App. Complete all the challenges and games and then create...
Sphero BOLT
Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. Program with the Sphero Edu app from nearly any mobile or desktop device, discover awesome community-created activities, or just drive and...
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny, app-enabled robotic ball. Drive, play games, learn to code, and more. Packed with teeny tiny tech, Sphero Mini has a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights. With almost an hour of...
Sphero indi Student Kit
Rev up STEAM learning with the indi Student Kit - a complete learning solution designed to engage 1-3 students at a time. This kit includes indi - our entry-level robot designed to introduce early learners to the fundamentals of computational...
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Sphero Code Mat: City & Golf
This two-sided mat offers a simple, accessible way to learn block-based coding, basic math principles, and collaborative problem-solving with any round Sphero robot. The Code Mat comes with three sets of 10 double-sided coding cards that provide guided, hands-on coding...
Sphero indi Classroom Pack (8 indis)
Take your whole class on the road to STEAM learning with the indi Class Pack. indi is our entry-level robot designed to introduce early learners to computational thinking, STEAM, and computer science principles. This Class Pack provides educators with all...
Sphero indi
Speed into STEAM with indi - the most approachable, entry-level, learning robot for kids. indi inspires imaginative play-based learning by empowering kids to design and build their own mazes while teaching critical problem-solving and computational thinking skills. With its on-board...
Sphero Computer Science Foundation Courses 1-3
Computer Science Foundations (CSF) is a supplemental, standards-aligned curriculum designed to be taught in the classroom with our robots. Across 3 courses and 72 lessons, teachers and students will explore STEAM principles through creative coding. By the end of these...
Sphero RVR 5 Pack
The Sphero RVR Multi-Pack is the perfect way to expand your STEAM curriculum. Work in groups to build mobile projects, compete in a hackathon, or deploy RVRs IR capabilities and experiment with bot-to-bot communication, robot follow, and robot evade. Our...
Sphero Specdrums - 2 Rings
Specdrums 2 Rings With a simple tap, Specdrums makes music from colours. Make music any place, anytime and make the world your instrument. Choose a ring or switch it up with a 2 ring set to play with friends, create...
Sphero BOLT 15 PACK Classroom Kit
The Sphero BOLT 15 pack contains everything you need to get started teaching robotics and the fundamentals of programming. This special pack of 15 BOLT robots is available exclusively to educators at a discount. Electrify your class, club, or program...
Learn to code by drawing, using Scratch blocks, or writing JavaScript text with the Sphero Edu app. The colourful LED matrix is fully programmable and easy on the eyes. BOLT to BOLT infrared communication allows for new games and advanced...

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