Think BIG Space

Introduction to Robotics - Primary School

We have a range of fantastic workshops to engage your students in the world of Robotics!

Why Robotics?

What will your students discover in our workshops?


Our workshops provide an opportunity for young people to discover STEAM and how we can leverage technology to improve our world


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!  All of workshops leverage the power of teamwork to enable young people to develop collaboration skills.


We are all Creators and our workshops inspire young people to be creative and innovative as they design and build a range of unique robots

Problem Solving

Participants will be challenged to solve a range of problems during our workshops that will include Engineering and Coding challenges.

We bring the Curriculum to life!

Our workshops are designed to bring the STEAM to life, enabling engaging, hands-on learning

We have a wide range of age appropriate workshops that have been developed to bring the Primary School STEAM curriculum to life.  Our workshops follow the principles of integrated learning, enabling participants to connect real world problems with their educational experiences to solve problems.

Key Habits of Learning

As your students engage in our workshops they will develop key habits of learning vital for their future education and careers.

From problem solving, persistence & perseverance to collaboration, listening and empathising to name but a few.

Computational Thinking

As your students interact with our materials & coding language they will engage in key computational thinking concepts such as decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms. Enabling students the ability to take complex problems and break them down.

Engineering Design Process

Throughout our workshops your students will follow the engineering design process. Defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, developing prototypes and testing and iterating their solutions.

A key framework from problem solving in our daily lives.

What's included in our workshops?

When you book a Think BIG Space mobile workshop, our team will work with you to create a fantastic experience for your students.

What's included:

- A visit from our Think BIG Space Van!

- Two highly trained STEAM Facilitators

- All required resources (including robotics kits, laptops, tablets etc. as required)

What we need from you?

- Students

- A room with tables and chairs

That's it!  Our team will provide everything else, including lots and lots of smiles!