Think BIG Space

Think BIG Space Booking Page

If you wish to visit our Think BIG Space in Tallaght you've come to the right place!

Available dates and times will be shown in the calendar below.  Simply select a date that suits you, click on the time and complete our booking form.

What's included in our workshops?

When you visit the Think Big Space, your pupils will be challenged to work as engineers - to assemble their LEGO robot, and then program their creation to complete challenges. Our workshops follow a 'learning through play' model and are hands-on, engaging and educational - providing pupils with a positive experience which can ignite a passion for STEM.

Where are we?

The Think Big Space is located here, beside the Square Tallaght Luas stop, in the Foroige Big Picture Youth Service building.

How long is a workshop?

2 Hours. We have morning and afternoon availability, 9.30am - 11.30am and 12pm - 2pm.

How many children can you cater for?

We can cater for one class of up to 28 children per workshop.

This all sounds great, how do I book?

In order to book a free workshop at the Think Big Space, choose the dates that best suit you and your students, fill in the required information, and that's it! You are all set to bring your class to experience our robotics workshops. You will receive a booking confirmation with further details about your visit.

Our Range of Workshops

Introduction to Robotics

In this hands-on workshop, your puils will work as engineers to assemble their own LEGO robot, and then work together to build sequences of code to program their robot to complete challenges.

These workshops follow a learning through play model and are designed to create positive experiences using technology to foster a passion for STEM.

Intermediate Robotics

Here pupils will investigate more fundamental coding conceptst such as loops and conditionals as they build and program a robot to complete more complex challenges.

This workshop is ideal for pupils who have already attended our introduction to robotics workshops.

Creative Coding

In this workshop, pupils will work with the irobot root robots, a robot that can be used to create art! Pupils will investigate building sequences of code to control their robot as they move through a series of challenges.

Here pupils will be creating 2d shapes and patterns, using angles, measuring and estimation.