zioxi TeacherWall®
zioxi TeacherWall® Overview The TeacherWall® from zioxi (the original creators of the teaching wall concept) is the perfect way to house your large display or interactive whiteboard, surrounded by storage and tray units, and with options of a fixed or pull out Teacher desk...
zioxi M1 Circular IT Tables
zioxi M1 Circular IT Table Overview Our M1 monitor pop up & hideaway mechanism works with any size or shape of table, so we can design solutions to suit any layout and colour scheme. Circles, ovals, hexagons and many more...
zioxi M1 Collaborative Tables
zioxi M1 Collaborative Tables Overview Some spaces require access to high performance computers. Our M1 Collaborative table facilitate this, whilst also giving you a collaborative team working space. Simply push down and each screen, keyboard and mouse rise vertically, instantly...
zioxi M1 Computer Desks
zioxi M1 Computer Desks   Overview Simply push down and the computer screen, keyboard and mouse gracefully rise up vertically, instantly converting standard tables into computer desks with ample workspace in front. Push down again to hide the monitor away...
zioxi P1 Computer Desks
zioxi P1 Computer Desks   Overview The P1 stands for “Power for 1” – simply press a button and your screen, keyboard and mouse rise out of the desk to a working position. Perfect if you want an IT computer...
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