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littleBits RVR+ Topper Kit
COMBINE YOUR FAVOURITE RESOURCES! Sphero RVR + littleBits Topper Kit combines the best of Sphero with the best of littleBits in an easy approachable kit that allows you to fully utilize RVRs onboard capabilities with littleBits adaptability to create your...
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer
PRINT WITH SPEED! AnkerMake M5 prints 5X faster with 0.1 mm precision to get those curves perfectly smooth. With the built-in AI Camera Recognition system, your prints stay on track. And you can print from anywhere with multiple devices. Stop...
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DJI RoboMaster EP Hybrid
Engineer + Warrior interchangeable attachments! Following the ground-breaking RoboMaster S1, the RoboMaster EP takes learning to the next level. This educational robot has both S1 & EP attachments and offers programming and AI to any classroom. It also brings the...
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DJI RoboMaster EP Core
The Engineer Car! The RoboMaster EP Core was built to take learning to the next level. This advanced educational robot provides an all-in-one solution for STEAM-based classrooms everywhere, offering AI and programming projects for students of all ages and experience...
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Fly into STEM! DJI Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable Tello EDU drone. It is a kind of indoor mini drone quadcopter, the best choice for beginners or starters to learn coding and programming tech. You can easily learn...
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DJI RoboMaster TelloTalent
Fly into STEM! ROBOMASTER™ TT TELLO™ Talent includes the aircraft and the Expansion Kit. Tello is a small quadcopter that features a Vision Positioning System and an onboard camera. Using its Vision Positioning System and advanced flight controller, it can hover...
Ozobot Bit+ Entry Kit
1 system, 2 ways to code! With the Bit+ Entry Kit, bring coding and creativity to your home or classroom and teach yourself to code Ozobot Bit+ two ways. Ozobot Bit blends coding and creativity in endless fun experiences. Bit...
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Create® 3 Educational Robot
A canvas for your creativity! Built from the blueprint of a Roomba robot vacuum, meet the Create 3 educational robot. iRobot's new mobile robot development platform for learning ROS 2. A canvas for your creativity, the Create 3 arrives ready...
Glowforge Plus
The speed of light! The Glowforge Plus has the power to bring your vision to life at the speed of light. The Plus offers upgraded components and a top engraving speed that’s up to twice as fast as the Glowforge...
Glowforge Pro
Build your own enormous project! The Glowforge Pro is the ultimate option for home, business, or school. It prints truly enormous objects like furniture with the exclusive Pro Passthrough, allowing you to use infinitely long materials. Upgraded solid-state cooling allows...
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Ultimaker 2+ Connect
Start 3D printing, the Ultimaker way. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is a great tool for prototyping new ideas, you can create an idea and make it tangible in a short time period. Are you prototypes low-fidelity? Are you ideas not...
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Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager
Ultimaker 2+ Connect air manager fully encloses the build chamber for a more stable printing environment and to prevent anyone from touching hot and moving components. Includes air manager and front door. Air manager is an accessory for Ultimaker 2+...
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