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CyberPi Innovation Add-on Pack
Offers easy to connect and control smart modules Specially designed for AIoT and Python education Adds new motion and sensing capabilities to enhance CyberPi Includes six types of electronic modules
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CyberPi Pocket Shield
The Pocket Shield is the basic expansion board for CyberPi. It provides CyberPi with autonomy, not requiring to be physically connected to a computer. It has a built-in 3.7V, 800 mAh rechargeable battery. It also integrates two DC motor interfaces,...
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Makeblock mBot Li-polymer Battery
mBot Li-polymer battery(4.2V,1800mAh)is suitable for the mBot line-up of Makeblock.It takes only 1 hour to fully charge the battery and the battery can last up to 10 hours in the offline mode.
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Makeblock HaloCode_EN V2
HaloCode is a wireless single board computer. With its built-in Wi-Fi support and microphone,the students can easily bring your board into the IoT projects and add speech recognition ability to it.It comes with plenty of sensors, such as 12 x...
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Makeblock AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack
The MakeBlock AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack comes with 31 mBuild's electronic modules and 10 accessories packs. With this pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), apply the technology to everyday life, and complete engaging projects by using...
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