LEGO Education Six Bricks
Only with the Creative Hut Six Bricks Academy can you avail of our exclusive Introduction to Six Bricks Workshop & Six Bricks Sets. Our LEGO Education Six Bricks sets include access to our 'Introduction to Six Bricks' workshop with our...
€64.00 from €52.00
SIX BRICKS Certificate Levels 1 and 2 Online Course with Six Bricks Class Pack (x30 sets)
This is an entry level course covering SIX BRICKS levels 1 & 2. The course provides a broad based knowledge, understanding and live hands-on experience of SIX BRICKS and covers everything you need to know to feel confident to set...
SIX BRICKS Practice Labs w/Six Bricks Class Pack (1 online session x 1 hour)
Practice Labs are short one hour online spaces for participants who have already completed  certificate levels 1 and 2 and who would like to gain more confidence and further practice in using the Moving Around and Crossing the B Line...
from €142.50
SIX BRICKS Certificate Level 3 & 4 (Online Course with Optional Six Bricks Class Pack)
The SIX BRICKS Certificate Course covering SIX BRICKS levels 3 & 4 is designed for participants who have already completed hands-on SIX BRICKS Certificate Training at Levels 1 & 2 and is designed to build on and advance SIX BRICKS...
from €135.00
Six Bricks Practice Mat
Our Six Bricks Practice Mats are of the highest quality.  Approved by global lead trainer, Miriam O'Donoghue, our mats are designed as per the official standards and dimensions.  Laminated for easy cleaning and long lifespan.

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