THINK BIG SPACE Primary Workshops

Every workshop will take 2 hours to complete but can be tailored to suit your schedule as needed. This is all funded and provided free of charge to your school.

Rangers by Tangibl

Coding fundamentals without technology
(2nd - 6th class)

'Coding unplugged and demystified' - Tangible Africa's Rangers coding game is a fantastic resource for pupils to learn the fundamentals of coding in a way that does not require computers.Pupils will work together to solve puzzles. building their code using physical, tangible jigsaw pieces.

Intro to Robotics

LEGO Spike Essential
(3rd - 6th class)

Here pupils will build and program a LEGO Spike Essential robot. Pupils will work in pairs to build and code their LEGO robot- they will work through a series of challenges in which they will learn coding concepts such as procedural thinking, logic, loops.

Intermediate Robotics

LEGO Spike Prime
(6th class)

In this workshop pupils will work in small groups to build and program a LEGO Spike prime robot, they will problem solve and overcome challenges presented to them in a fun and engaging session while learning coding fundamentals 

Creative coding

Irobot Root
(3rd class - 6th class)

In this STEAM workshop - pupils will use the Root robot, a robot that can draw on a whiteboard to explore coding concepts - input and output, logic and loops while providing an outlet for pupils to be creative 

Engineering Energy

Wind Turbine Building
(5th - 6th calss)

This hands on workshop allows pupils will work in teams as mechanical and electrical engineers, using tools to assemble a working model of a wind turbine. They will discuss sustainability and clean energy before testing the voltage their wind turbines can produce and explore adjustments to optimise their design.

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The Think Big Space is located in the heart of Tallaght in a central location perfecetly suited to serve the community.

With thanks to South Dublin County Council, the Think Big Space is located within The Big Picture youth service centre, shared with Foroige.

There are plenty of options for local transport with a luas stop just outside and the bus terminal in the Square shopping centre just across the road you will not be short of options to come join us at the Think Big Space!

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Workshops & Events are delivered by the team at Creative Hut.