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Think big space

Primary School Robotics  Workshop

We bring STEAM to life with our range of Fun, Hands On, Engaging Workshops! 

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Think Big Space Primary School - Intermediate Robotics

How does my school take part in this workshop?
Open to Primary Schools located in South County Dublin.

6th Class

Max 28 Students

One Class per Booking.

Must arrange own transport. Located next to Luas & Bus Stops. (Location below)

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About this workshop

Join us for a 2hr workshop that will bring STEAM to life and engage your students in a Fun, Hands-On & Inspiring Workshop.

Our Think Big Space Introduction to Robotics workshops will give your students an insight into the role of robotics in our world.

Pupils will explore both the mechanical aspect of building their robot, and the process of coding it to complete various tasks

Build and Code

Pupils will work together to build their robot, then will learn basic coding concepts as they program their robot to complete various challenges

Why engage YOUR students in our Workshops?

Why engage YOUR students in our Workshops

Key Habits of Learning

As your students engage in our workshops they will develop key habits of learning vital for their future education and careers. 

From problem solving, persistence & perseverance to collaboration, listening and empathising to name but a few.

Engineering Design Process

Throughout our workshops your students will follow the engineering design process.  Defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, developing prototypes and testing and iterating their solutions.  

A key framework from problem solving in our daily lives.

Computational Thinking

As your students interact with our materials & coding language they will engage in key computational thinking concepts such as decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms. Enabling students the ability to take complex problems and break them down.

The Think Big Space is located in The Big Picture, Unit 5, Talbot House, Tallaght Cross East.  It is easily accesible via Luas and many Bus routes.

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