Acme Curlew Call
This soaring bird famously glides at great heights before seeming to tumble from the sky. Its call as it wades out into the estuary is evocative of the British seaside. Durable and exacting sound from this Acme plastic Curlew Call.
Acme Samba Whistle
Producing long rolling sounds with a multitude of creative notes you can really create one of the popular sounds of Carnival.
Acme Thunder Whistle ~ Small
World famous for its high volume and far reaching penetration and ease of blowing. Solid Brass, high pitched.
Acme Acme Thunder Whistle ~ Large
Hand Polished. Solid Brass.High Power, Medium Pitch 115 dBA.Big Whistle with deep tone, tapered mouthpiece.Large Thunderer.
Acme Decoy Whistle ~ Crow Call
Makes the rasping call of an old Crow – but bite a little harder for the higher pitched cry of a young Crow that the older crows find irresistible.
Acme Duck Call
The ACME duck call 572 produces a wide variety of high and low pitched duck call sounds and ‘quacks’. From the deeper drake duck call through to a higher hen mallard call, you can achieve a huge range of calls...
Acme Silver Mardi Gras Samba Whistle
All metal, classic Carnival whistle. High and low, loud or gentle, self-expression is unlimited with this versatile unit of sound production. It comes complete with multicolour fabric lanyard so you don't lose it during the festivities!
Acme Cuckoo Call
The plaintiff call of Spring, the haunting harbinger the Cuckoo as her voice is heard in Delius’ On Hearing the First Cuckoo of Spring and in every Toy Symphony. Handmade with authentic cuckoo birdcall.
Acme Dove & Pigeon Call
The coo of the Turtle Dove, the white winged Dove and Eurasian coloured Dove, the mournful lament and lively morning call. An excellent full-throated Woodpigeon call. This pigeon caller also makes the classic cry of the Little Owl.
Acme Slide Whistle
Many will recognize the slide whistle as the voice of the Clangers, but just listen to Louis Armstrong playing Who’s It to see its musical possibilities. With many claims to fame it features prominently in ‘Swanee- Kazoo’ in Radio 4’s...
Acme Nightingale Call
Still singing its joyful, soaring and fluid notes in London’s Berkley Square, and anywhere this full-throated warbler is found. One of the most powerful and beautiful of bird songs.
Acme Siren Whistle
Beginning life as the ‘Cyclists Road Clearer’ in the 1880s, this amazing sound effect is now part of every percussionist’s kitbag. A real whoosh of sound, the only whistle that sings on, even when the blowing has stopped!
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