TETRIX® PRIME Dual Control Robotics Set
This set includes everything you need for students to start building remote-controlled and autonomous robots with the TETRIX® PRIME system. What's in the box? TETRIX PULSE™ Robotics Controller with a USB cable Grove Line Finder and Ultrasonic Sensors Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller* for easy operation of the...
TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set
Expand the horizons of your TETRIX® PRIME R/C Robotics Set. Engineer bigger, more advanced robots, increase the robustness of builds and combine all the TETRIX PRIME components using the additional parts and pieces included in the TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set. The...
TETRIX®MAX Dual-Control Robotics Set
Get the best of both worlds and take hands-on STEM learning to the next level with the TETRIX® MAX Dual-Control Robotics Set. Complete with the PRIZM® Robotics Controller and wireless gamepad and receiver, this set comes with everything needed to create programmable...
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