BluGuitar AMP1 IRIDIUM Edition ~ 100w Amp
The original version of the AMP1™ has been – and still is – a real game changer for many guitarists worldwide, because it combines boutique tube sound and power in a super-compact and lightweight format. Plus, it always sounds the...
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition ~ 100w Amp
The modern-day electric guitarist is more demanding than ever. They demand sounds of the highest tonal integrity, covering everything from crystalline clean through to molten metal, with flexible switching and routing options allowing them to sound their best in any...
Blug Twincab 2x12 Speaker Cabinet
Configured for horizontal or vertical operation with rotatable logo, this compact 2x12“ cabinet is an ideal partner for the BluGuitar® AMP1, lunchbox amps and “classic“ 100w heads.
BluGuitar FATCAB 1x12 Speaker Cabinet
The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of my many years of trying to capture the sound-character of an old 4x12“ box in a compact 1x12“ format.   Obviously I know that physics sets us limits, but I still find it...
BluGuitar NANOCAB 1x12 Speaker Cabinet
Inspired by the excellent performance of the FATCAB, the cabinet that I used and tweaked over the last years, I set myself the task of developing a compact, but good-sounding Box, complimentary to the BluGuitar AMP1 .   The only...
BluGuitar Looper Kit
Those who want to program their own favourite pedals with REMOTE1 to avoid any unnecessary tap dancing can use the LOOPERKIT, with its four true bypass mono relay loops. The true bypass connection guarantees an optimal signal quality.  The four...
BluGuitar MIDI Adaptor Cable
Inside the 5 pin plug there is a tiny PCB with electronic components that connect the MIDI signal to our BluGuitar signal used on AMP1.
BluGuitar Vintage Premium Speaker Cable
High quality speaker cable from the BluGuitar TONAL INTEGRITY SERIES, especially developed for connecting the BluGuitar AMP1 to the BluGuitar NANOCAB or the BluGuitar FATCAB.  The vintage premium speaker cable  provides a fat, warm and transparent  tone at the ‘magical'...
BluGuitar Easy Locks ~ 2 pcs
For fixing your AMP1 to a pedalboard. The set consists of two magnets, which are screwed on to the board, and two magnetic counterparts that you screw to your AMP1. This way, you can take AMP1 off your pedalboard at...
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